We Train Church Planters


God is moving in great cities. Chicago is no exception.  

There is a quiet but critical church planting movement growing in Chicago.  

Join us in training the next generation of urban church planters.


Practical, Real-Time Training

Our model is to train ‘IN’ ministry, not ‘FOR’ ministry. To be invited into the Incubator program, each Chicago participant is involved in actual urban church planting ministry so that the learning can be applied immediately and be ‘proven’ in real situations. Instead of saying, “This material will be on your next exam,” we say, “You will find out how you are doing next week when you lead or face this issue.”

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Built on best practices

Chicago Incubator Urban Planter training is based on time-tested, gospel-centered curriculum developed over the last 15 years by leaders at Redeemer City-to-City in New York and adapted for Chicago's specific context.

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